Thanks to the glorious  Rhaina Cohen  for the photo!

Thanks to the glorious Rhaina Cohen for the photo!

Hello! I’m Emefa. (That’s pronounced, EH-meh-fah.)

I’m a graduate student in Politics (Comparative Government) at the University of Oxford. When I’m not in class, I read, write, and make music. Most recently, I worked with a team at New America that thinks about how to prepare communities for the future of work being ushered in by AI/automation/emerging technologies. Before that, I was with New America's Cybersecurity Initiative, where I led our work on state & local cybersecurity. (More on work things here.) 

A little guide to this site: 

In After Hours, you’ll find conversations I had shortly after graduating from college with other recent grads, centered around a piece of writing or other creative project.

In Coffee Corner, I grabbed a virtual cup of coffee with who folks care about everything from adolescent health to music composition. (Funny, I don't think I actually drank coffee when I had most of those. drink coffee.)

Brain Tickles is an eclectic collection of the results of things that have, rather obviously, tickled my brain. (They say it is unwise to hold in your sneezes. If the brain is tickled, it's probably best to let it out, whether it's dainty or a honker.)

I am trying out a new section called Wish List in which I imagine I have the power to order people to write things for me to read. (Because, obviously, that would be my desired superpower.)

Elsewhere, you might see me ask guests for a few lines from their anti-resume. That’s because, between Google/LinkedIn/Twitter, it’s not hard to figure out a person’s key resume points. Of what are you inordinately proud that has no place in a traditional resume? Round it up! My anti-resume might contain the following lines:

Daughter, July 1993-Present

  • Skills gained include comprehensively explaining an entire episode of “Law & Order: SVU” when my mother walks in during the last five minutes and asks, “what happened??”

Tyrant & Host, Reading Party, April 2017-Present

  • Host of Tuesday night Reading Parties. Skills include making dinner, chatting over food, and enforcing (a warm and comfortable) silence in which we sit and read for 2 hours before I kick everyone out at 10pm on the dot. No phones allowed. 

I hope this site is as fun to read as it is to put together. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if anything here tickles your brain as well. You can reach me at emefa.agawu (AT) gmail (DOT) com